Easy Homemade Glass Cleaner

We’re nearly out of commercial glass cleaner, and Randy keeps trying to buy more – so I had to prove that a homemade glass cleaner could be concocted that would work just as well as the commercial version.  And, be so inexpensive that you’d be crazy to go pay $5.50 for it (that’s what a bottle of Windex® was going for at the store).

Homemade glass cleaner recipes generally start with vinegar and water, and then add alcohol and/or cornstarch.  I know, cornstarch?  But, having tried recipes of vinegar/water, vinegar/water/alcohol, and vinegar/water/alcohol/cornstarch, the last concoction is the clear winner – and it really works – you won’t miss the commercial glass cleaner.  Here’s the recipe:

Best Homemade Glass Cleaner

1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

1/4 cup white vinegar

1 tablespoon cornstarch

2 cups warm water

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well.  Also shake well before using to keep cornstarch mixed and prevent it from plugging the spray mechanism.



So, how does it stack up on cost?  Well, I figure $0.20 for the vinegar, $0.25 for the rubbing alcohol, $0.05 for the cornstarch, and our water is from a well (essentially free) – so a grand total of $0.045 for a bottle of glass cleaner – versus $5.50.  Now I’m wondering what on earth they’re putting in the commercial stuff to make it cost so much? 

Well, the bottle doesn’t identify what’s in it, but the Windex® website says it’s made of water, carriers (isopropyl alcohol, ethylene glycol), cleaning agents (2-Hexoxyethanol, ammonium hydroxide, Mirapol Surf S-210, Videt EGM), wetting agent (sodium C14-17 Sec-Alkyl Sulfonate), and dye (Liquitint® Sky Blue Dye) and does say to keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Probably a lot of the costs are packaging and transportation, but at a savings of $5.00 for the non-toxic home version, we’re going to try the homemade kind!




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