Easy Peel Hardboiled Fresh Eggs

Foolproof method for making hardboiled eggs from fresh eggs that you can peel!It has taken several years, and many failed experiments – but I’ve finally found a way to make hard-boiled eggs (that can be peeled easily and perfectly) from fresh eggs!

 I love hard-boiled eggs (and egg  salad, and deviled eggs), but fresh eggs are nearly impossible to peel after you hard boil them.  Eggs from the grocery store are typically six weeks old before they reach us (so they’re easy to peel when boiled) whereas ours are very fresh (they never last more than a few days after the chickens lay them) so are very difficult to peel.

I’ve tried every method I came across to produce hard-boiled eggs from fresh eggs (that could be peeled easily) and, I believe I’ve got the answer – steam them instead.  It’s pretty much foolproof – finally! It’s always seemed ridiculous to me that we’ve got the healthiest, freshest eggs – but no way to enjoy them hard-boiled.

Bring a small amount of water to a boil in the bottom of a steamer or pot that you can sit a steaming basket within.  Place the eggs in the steaming basket.

Steaming Eggs 1

Steam the eggs for 20 minutes and then put them into ice water until they’re cool enough to peel.  Roll each egg on the counter to break up the shell and peel from the wide end of the egg.Steaming Eggs 2

And the result is perfectly peeled eggs!  Egg salad and deviled eggs are back on the menu – it’s hard to believe it took me so long to find a solution.

Steaming Eggs Peeled

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