About Buckeye Chickens

About Buckeyes Collage

I’ve written about Buckeye chickens before, but am updating this today because we continue to learn new things about the wonderful old breed.  At Bramblestone Farm, we keep both Golden Buff and Buckeye chickens, and people often ask why we bother with Buckeyes – they don’t lay as large an egg or as frequently as […]

Time for Chicks – Free Hatchery Catalogs/Links!

Buckeye Chick

Springtime is definitely the best time of year to get new chicks; and for us getting them in early May is probably optimal.  Many breeders and hatcheries have sold out of birds early in recent years, so now it the time to get chicks on order if you want to be sure of getting your picks. I was trying to compare options from several […]

Maintain Winter Egg Production – Add Artificial Light


As I talk with chicken keeping friends, I’m surprised that some don’t know that most chickens will cease to lay eggs when day lengths fall below 14 hours in the fall.  As we move further into fall and shorter days, chickens will naturally reduce egg production.  They lay eggs based on day length; long days and increasing day length mean […]

New Chicken Coop (with surprise)

Coop Front View

On Friday, June 11, our new chicken coop was delivered.  It has some nice features:  it’s elevated, has eight nest boxes accessible from the outside, three operable windows, a built-in roosting area, chicken hatch that can be opened from the human door, and back ventilation hatch.  It’s 8′ x 10′, and they even used dimesional shingles on it […]

Why More Chickens?

flock apple eating

As of 5/14/10, our three Golden Buff hens (Gold Dust, Eggnog, and Ginger), Plymouth Barred Rock hen (Bab), and Plymouth Barred Rock rooster (Will) are no longer with us.  They have gone on to chicken heaven because of an infectious disease (Infectious Bronchitis) introduced when Bab and Will joined the flock.  I had to turn […]

Infectious Bronchitis in Chickens

Wrinkled Egg - IB Symptom

  Back when I wrote about introducing new chickens into a flock (see Introducing New Chickens), I missed one important step, and we’re learning a painful lesson as a result.  It wasn’t enough to ask if the new chickens were vaccinated, we should have kept them separate from our flock for 30 days to make […]

Clipping Chicken Wings (Flight Feathers)

Bab Wing Clipped

I discovered rather suddenly that it’s sometimes necessary to trim a chicken’s wings so they can’t fly. We’d had Golden Buff hens for awhile when I decided to introduce a Barred Rock rooster, and because the hens never flew out of their pen, I was shocked when the rooster flew out (why a rooster would […]

Curing a Prolapsed Chicken Vent

Gold Dust In Solitary

Helping a hen recover from a prolapsed vent is often not as difficult as it may first appear – it often just takes some time and a little attention.  We’ve had several hens develop the problem and have always dealt with it the same as with our first: One night, when I got home from […]