Bramblestone Herd Tests Negative Again for Small Ruminant Diseases!

Goat Disease Collage

There are several very serious (fatal) diseases that can infect goats, and that can be transmitted through an entire herd by bringing in just one infected goat.  That's why it's very important to buy goats from reputable sources that can demonstrate that they have disease free herds.  We try to maintain a "closed herd" as much as possible, but occasionally need to bring in a new goat.  Before bringing any goat to … [Continue reading]

Simple Saturdays Blog Hop #19

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Welcome to Simple Saturdays Blog Hop This blog hop is brought to you by a group of wonderful co-hosts committed to the Simple way of Life and learning to be Self Reliant in all they do. Simple Saturdays Blog Hop is a way for each of us to share the various ways we are learning to be more Self Reliant in our homes and on our land. This is all about building community, learning new skills and growing more self-sufficient! Please join us, submit … [Continue reading]

From The Farm Blog Hop


Welcome back to the From the Farm Blog Hop! On to the blog hop - here are the favorite posts from last weeks hop: An InLinkz Link-up Let's get into the hop now! Congratulations! If you're a Favorite, please feel free to grab our button and display it proudly on your blog! Keep scrolling to enter this week’s party! Now, on to this week's party: 1. Link up to three of your best gardening or homesteading tips, … [Continue reading]

Stopping an Egg Eating Chicken

Egg-eating Collage 1

We've been having a little problem lately. Chickens will eat insects, fruits, vegetables, greens, and just about anything else – including their own eggs (they’re omnivorous).  But having chickens that eat their own eggs is obviously not good for chicken keepers – we want the eggs! Chickens can develop a taste for eggs in a number of ways, perhaps they lay a weak egg, or they are startled and accidentally break an … [Continue reading]

2014′s Final Goat Kids Are Here

Earl Grey Right 1 Small

On Wednesday, April 9, the fifth of our five pregnant Nigerian Dwarf goat does (Hot Tea) freshened at about 5:00 PM with triplets.  Hot Tea is our oldest doe (she' 5), so she's been through kidding a few time, and even though we were watching her on the goat stall cam, she snuck the first one out before we could get to the barn.  It was a doeling, and Tea had her almost all cleaned off by the time we got there.  The … [Continue reading]

Yet More Baby Goats

Smoky Right 1 Small

On Wednesday, March 26, the fourth of our five pregnant Nigerian Dwarf goat does (Ruby) freshened at about 6:00 PM with triplets.  Ruby is the first doe born at Bramblestone Farm that we retained, so she's a bit special and she's also a first freshener.  She was clearly uncomfortable for about 24 hours before going into labor, and her firstborn was a large buckling who our sister-in-law Julie had to help … [Continue reading]

Homemade Soil Mix for Seed Starting

Soil Mix Collage

Starting your own garden transplants from seed is smart because it gets you a big time boost in harvesting vegetables from the garden; plus, you can grow and try whatever variety you want rather than depending on varieties that the garden center might have. But, if you're using prepackaged bags of seed starting mix from the store, it can get expensive.  The good news is, it's easy to make … [Continue reading]

Refreshing Early Spring Salad (Endive, Orange, Arugula, Apple, & Blue Cheese)

Refreshing Spring Salad

In late winter and early spring, our fresh salad ingredients from the garden are long gone, so it's delightful to make this recipe because these are ingredients that are tasty all year-long.  We first discovered the recipe during our annual goat-kidding week, when we're anxiously awaiting and then celebrating as the does give birth.  The salad has such a bright, uplifting flavor - it goes well with any uplifting … [Continue reading]

More Newborn Goats

2014 Kids Sleeping Day 1 Small

On Sunday, March 23, the second of our five pregnant Nigerian Dwarf goat does (Jewel Box) freshened at about 8:00 PM with triplets. The second kid was larger and she had to work at her a bit, but they are all healthy, and sales information along with more pictures can be found at the Bramblestone Farm website here.  We continue to be happy with the doe to buck ratio - Jewel had 2 doelings and 1 buckling. That put the count so far at 5 does … [Continue reading]

First Newborn Goats Are Here!

2014 Kids Day 6 Small

On Tuesday, March 18, the first of our five pregnant Nigerian Dwarf goat does (Bit 'O' Honey) freshened at about 6:00 PM with quadruplets. She had a relatively easy time delivering them, they are all healthy, and sales information along with more pictures can be found at the Bramblestone Farm website here.  We're very happy with the doe to buck ratio Honey produced - she had 3 doelings and 1 buckling. Maybe it will be … [Continue reading]